Worry-free roaming!

Roam like home in over 100 destinations, for $8 a day!

We’ve got you covered! All of our plans include the option to use overseas roaming.

You can use your NZ plan when you travel, just as you would at home, for $8 a day

Unlimited data(at your plan’s speed), calls and TXTs to standard numbers in NZ and AU, as well as to local numbers in your daily roaming destination – it just works as soon as you hop off the plane and purchase the daily roaming addon. You won’t be able to call other international numbers just yet, as you can’t do this at home either, but we’re working on making this available soon.

Why should you choose to use Mighty Mobile while you travel:
- You get full 24hrs whichever daily roaming destination you are in, not based on NZ time zone.
- The 24hrs start when you are roaming, even if you purchased it before hand!
- The 24hrs start when you actively use you phone (make/receive calls, send TXTs or use data)
- No surprise costs, you’ll know when you get charged!

Before you go! 

1. Check here to see if you can roam in the destination(s) you are travelling to.

2. Check your phone –

  (a) Make sure your phone’s operating system is up to date.

  (b) Check you have data roaming toggled on. Heads up that if data roaming toggle is off when you land in a daily roaming destination, we won’t be able to detect that you are roaming, and you won’t be able to make or receive any call, nor send a TXT immediately (but still be able to receive TXTs). See below on arrival section for more details once you roam and turn off airplane mode.

  (c) Check
this list to see if your phone supports VOLTE roaming. Some older phones may not work on certain mobile networks overseas, particularly as some of our roaming partners are shutting down their 2G and 3G networks. Mighty Mobile roaming services are provided to you by One New Zealand Group Ltd and its partner network.

3. Check auto-roaming charge in the app / web portal or prepurchase your first daily roaming addon before you travel.

If you want roaming to just work, fuss-free, keep the auto-roaming charge toggled on. This means that you will be charged $8 every 24 hours, as soon as you start using your phone, and as long as you keep on using it, while you are in a daily roaming destination. You can also go to the app and purchase the daily roaming addon before you travel. This will trigger the daily roaming charge, but it will only activate once you land and get connected to a roaming partner network in a daily roaming destination.

On arrival and ongoing while you roam

1. Turn off airplane mode and turn on data roaming, and we’ll get you on a roaming partner network straight away.

2. Purchase your roaming addon. You can purchase this in a few different ways:

  2.1 Reply YES to the TXTs we’ll send you
     - Have and keep data roaming turned on to get this TXT almost immediately.
     - Reply anytime, when you want to start using roaming
     - We’ll send you another one 24 hrs after / when your addon expires.

 2.2 Manage it via the Mighty Mobile app / web portal
    - Purchase the addon in the Products tab every time you need it
     - Toggle on auto-roaming charge (app – go top right hamburger button, Mobile Features, SIM Settings; web portal –         Mobile, SIM Settings)

If you replied NO less than 24 hours ago, and you’ve changed your mind, you can also just go to the app to purchase the addon.

3. Start using your phone

Your daily roaming addon will only start when you make or receive a call, send a TXT or start using mobile data. We’ll send you a TXT to acknowledge it once it’s active.

For tips on how to keep costs down while roaming, see FAQ below.

Onwards Travel

See question in FAQs below if you travel from one roaming destination to another, or if you are travelling to a destination that does not have daily roaming. You can find the full roaming terms and conditions here.


How do I start roaming?

Just turn on your phone or turn off airplane mode, and it will automatically select a local network. Once you have connected for the first time, you’ll receive a welcome TXT from us with details about roaming charges and how to purchase.

Which destinations can I roam in?

For $8 per day, you can use the calls, texts and data included in your plan when roaming in the following destinations.

Anguilla (4G)
Antigua & Barbuda (4G)
Argentina (4G)
Aruba (4G)
Australia (4G), (5G)
Austria (4G)
Barbados (4G)
Belgium (4G), (5G)
Bermuda (4G)
Brazil (4G)
British Virgin Islands (4G)
Bulgaria (4G), (5G)
Cambodia (4G)
Canada (4G)
Cayman Islands (4G)
Chile (4G)
China (4G), (5G)
Colombia (4G)
Cook Islands/Rarotonga(4G)
Costa Rica (4G)
Croatia (4G)
Cyprus (4G)
Czech Republic (4G), (5G)
Denmark (4G), (5G)
Dominica (4G)
Dominican Republic (4G)
Isle of Man (4G)
Israel (4G), (5G)
Italy (4G), (5G)
Jamaica (4G)
Japan (4G)
Jersey (4G)
Kenya (4G)
Ecuador (4G)
El Salvador
England (4G)

Estonia (4G)
Fiji (4G)
France (4G), (5G)
Germany (4G), (5G)
Ghana (4G)
Greece (4G)
Guam (4G)
Guatemala (4G)
Guernsey (4G)
Hong Kong (4G), (5G)
Hungary (4G), (5G)
India (4G)*
Indonesia (4G) ^
Ireland (4G), (5G)
Latvia (4G),(5G)
Liechtenstein (4G)
Lithuania (4G)
Luxembourg (4G), (5G)
Macau (4G)
Macedonia (4G)
Malaysia (4G)
Malta (4G), (5G)
Mexico (4G)
Monaco (4G), (5G)
Mongolia (4G)
Montenegro (4G)
Netherlands (4G), (5G)
Northern Ireland (4G)
Norway (4G)
Panama (4G)
Papua New Guinea (4G)
Peru (4G)
Philippines (4G)

Poland (4G), (5G)
Portugal (4G), (5G)
Puerto Rico (4G)
Qatar (4G), (5G)
Reunion (4G)
Romania (4G)
Samoa (4G)
Saudi Arabia (4G), (5G)
Scotland (4G)
Serbia (4G)
Singapore (4G)
Slovakia (4G)
Slovenia (4G)
South Africa (4G)
South Korea (4G), (5G)
Spain (4G), (5G)
St Kitts and Nevis (4G)
St Lucia (4G)
St Vincent and the Grenadines (4G)
Sweden (4G), (5G)
Switzerland (4G), (5G)
Taiwan (4G), (5G)
Thailand (4G), (5G)
Tonga (4G)
Turkey (4G), (5G)
Turks and Caicos Islands(4G)
Uruguay (4G)
US Virgin Islands (4G)
USA including Hawaii and Alaska (4G), (5G)
Vanuatu (4G)
Vietnam (4G)
Wales (4G)

*Roaming is restricted in Jammu and Kashmir areas due to local government regulations.

** Due to elevated risk of a roaming partner being sanctioned, while roaming in Venezuela you are only able to make or receive calls and send/receive TXTs. You cannot use data.

Destinations will not have 4G or 5G coverage available everywhere, and require a 4G or 5G capable device.

When will I be charged a daily roaming fee?

If you have auto roaming charge toggled on, then we’ll charge you the $8 daily roaming fee as soon as you get connected to a roaming network in a daily roaming destination. If you have data roaming on, this will be almost immediate, and if data roaming is off, then it will be pinged as soon as you make or answer a call, or you send a TXT, and every 24 hours after, as long as you are connected to a roaming network in a daily roaming destination.

If you don’t have auto roaming charge toggled on, then you’ll either have to reply YES to the TXT we’ve sent you or go to the app and purchase the daily roaming addon to trigger the charge.

You will receive a confirmation for your purchase either via TXT (if you replied YES or your auto-roaming charge is toggled on), or in the app / web portal (right after your purchase).

What if roaming isn’t available in the destination I am travelling to?

You won’t be able to connect to a roaming partner network in any other destination than the above daily roaming list at the moment. You can still use Wifi and Wifi Calling (see more further down below).

I pre-purchased the daily roaming addon, but roaming is not available in the country I am in, what can I do?

Please reach out to our customer care team via the chat support to get a refund sorted for you.

My calls and/ or text aren’t working (in the roaming destination)

2G and 3G networks have been shut down in some countries. This could impact your ability to call or text while overseas. If this happens, try manually changing the network you are connected to, or switch to apps that use data to contact friends and family.

If you have enabled Wifi calling on your phone you can also make/ receive calls to NZ or AU numbers(without any additional charges).

A reminder also that at the moment we do not support calling international numbers that are not NZ, AU or the local daily roaming destination you are in.

Does it cost me to receive calls and TXTs while I roam overseas?

Receiving TXTs is free of charge while you roam, but you won’t be able to receive calls unless you have an active daily roaming addon.

How does Wifi Calling save me money?

Using Wifi Calling overseas is easy, just connect to any available Wifi and turn on Wifi Calling to be able to call and TXT as if you are still in New Zealand. You don’t need to turn on Roaming to use Wifi Calling so you won’t be charged roaming rates. However, you won’t be able to call local numbers in the country you’re travelling in via Wifi Calling.

Please note: Calls will drop once you leave Wifi coverage and you will need to turn on Roaming to make a call.

How do I make calls and send TXTs overseas?

You'll need to add country codes to the beginning of all the numbers you call or TXT on your mobile, including the local country you're in. For example, to call an Australian number you replace the 0 at the beginning of the number with +61 (Australia’s country code), which means: 03 345 6789 becomes +61 3 345 6789 and 021 345 678 becomes +61 21 345 678.

Receiving calls and TXTs

Your friends and family in New Zealand can use your number to contact you when you’re overseas. Callers outside New Zealand will still need to use New Zealand’s country code - i.e. the +64 then the number - even if they’re sitting right beside you.

How can I keep my costs down while roaming?

If you don’t need your phone that day, put it in airplane mode (still handy for selfies and offline apps) or turn it off. As soon as your phone connects to a roaming partner network from a daily roaming destination, we’ll TXT you. We’ll only charge you if and when you reply YES to that TXT, or if you purchase the daily roaming addon from the Mighty Mobile app.

Also see above Wifi Calling FAQ.

What do I get charged when I travel from one destination to another?

If your next destination is still a daily roaming one, you’ll just be able to continue to use daily roaming there too within the 24 hours from when it started. No additional or new charge is triggered.

Why can’t I sent a PXT/MMS?

If you’re trying to send a picture message via TXT, it will only work in Australia, and if you are connected to the Vodafone Australia network. Unfortunately no other roaming partners support this, and you’ll get a failure error message. You can always use alternative apps that use data, such as iMessage, WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

Can I still use my Mighty Mobile app while I roam?

Of course you can! The Mighty Mobile app and our website are zero-rated, which means that you’re able to use the app or browse the website, get into the web portal without any additional charges while you roam.

Can I still call emergency numbers if I don’t have an active daily roaming addon?

Yes you can. You’ll be able to call all the known international Emergency number (111, 112, 911,999, 000), and you will be redirected to whatever the local Emergency Service Operator supports. This will not trigger the daily roaming charge.

Daily roaming is only available in 105 destinations, but you will be able to call Emergency services anywhere you are in the world, as long as you can connect to a network.

Please note that if you’re device is not VOLTE Roaming capable, and the network(s) you’re connecting to only has 4G, you won’t be able to make a call.

Why can’t I call my voicemail on 606?

Unfortunately, not all roaming partners have enabled this short code on their network, so you’ll need to dial the fully qualified number +64291600600.

How long can I roam for?

Daily Roaming is only available to, customers who are normally resident in New Zealand, and canonly be used in Daily Roaming destinations for a maximum of 90 consecutive days at a time.

I got a failure notification TXT, what happened?

This means that there has been an issue with the default card on your account. Commonly this will happen if you have insufficient funds, your card has expired, or it has been blocked. Amend your payment method accordingly, and then head over to the Mighty Mobile app to buy the daily roaming addon.