Roaming - Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions cover the roaming Mighty Mobiles Services and addons that are provided to you by One New Zealand Group Ltd or its subsidiaries (One NZ, our, we or us), and form part of your agreement with us. Full Mighty Mobile Terms and Conditions apply.

1. Acceptance

You will be taken to have accepted these terms and conditions as soon as you start using roaming, as outlined in the general terms and conditions.

You acknowledge that service outside of New Zealand is provided by external carriers and is subject to those carriers' terms and conditions. We do our best to ensure a great roaming experience by providing access to overseas networks, but we are unable to guarantee the quality or coverage tha tany other destination provides.

We may make changes to these roaming terms and conditions at any time in accordance with ourgeneral terms and conditions.

2. Daily roaming

2.1 Daily roaming is available across all Mighty Mobile plans, in selected daily roaming destinations(“daily roaming destination”). The full list is available on our roaming webpage. Currently Mighty Mobile does not offer any roaming services outside of these daily roaming destinations – not on land, maritime or inflight.

2.2 With daily roaming you can use your plan’s minutes, TXTs & data allowances when travelling in daily roaming destinations, for a daily fee, in addition to your monthly plan charge. (“daily roaming charge”).

2.3 Your plan allowances can be used to call or TXT local numbers in the daily roaming destination you are visiting and standard numbers in New Zealand and Australia. Calls and TXTs to any other country will be treated as international calls or TXTs (we’re working on making these available soon).

2.4 The daily roaming charge will be triggered when you do any of the following:
- make a call (including a call to voicemail),
- receive a call,
- send a TXT, or
- use mobile data. This includes any data used by your mobile or data device, including email and any data used by apps on your mobile or data device in the background.

Most devices have data roaming switched off by default. If you would like to disable data roaming while abroad this can be selected through the settings menu on your device. We advise you refer to the manufacturer’s website or your device manual for the exact process on how to do this, as it varies by device brand and software version.

2.5 The daily roaming charge is only applied each 24-hour period that you use your device in the daily roaming destination. The 24-hour period begins when you do any of the actions listed in clause 2.4. If you travel to another daily roaming destination in the same day you'll only be charged the daily roaming charge once per 24 hour period that you use your device.

2.6 The daily roaming charge is applied per mobile number, with an active Mighty Mobile mobile plan. For example, if you switch your SIM from one mobile phone to another, you won’t be charged again.

2.7 Daily roaming is only available to customers who are normally residents in New Zealand, and can only be used in daily roaming countries for a maximum of 90 consecutive days at a time.

2.8 Daily roaming charges are in addition to your NZ plan charge. As of 1 April 2022, GST charge applies for roaming services.

2.9 The Daily roaming charge will be as set out on our website, and pricing will be subject to change without notice. Please check our website or your Mighty Mobile app/ web portal before you travel for the latest pricing.

2.10 Mighty Mobile reserves the right to (hard) steer traffic to certain network operators based on commercial agreements in place.

2.11 Data roaming availability is also subject to change without notice.

2.12 Promotional offers to One New Zealand customers may not apply to you while you are roaming.

3. Liability

3.1 As roaming involves services provided by networks other than our network provider, you agree that we will not be responsible for the way in which any external carrier provides or fails to provide any service (including disconnection, lack of coverage or the performance of that carrier's network).