Prepay Plan Terms and Conditions

*Unlimited data: Maximum data speeds, Fair use and Mobile terms apply. Unlimited voice calls and TXTs to standard NZ and Aus numbers, landlines and mobiles, placed while in New Zealand only (e.g. no short codes or MMS/PXT). Personal mobile phone use only.

All Mighty Mobile plans are Prepay. The full amount of each plan must be paid upon activation, renewal or purchase of a voucher. A Mighty Mobile SIM card must be purchased before a Prepay plan can be activated. SIM delivery can take up to 14 working days, after which you can activate your Plan. 100 MMS are included to standard New Zealand mobile numbers. Calls, SMS & MMS to non-Australian international numbers, special or premium numbers (eg. 0900, 018) data calls and usage, video calling and roaming services are not included. Additional add-on packs (when available) must be purchased separately in order to use premium services like roaming and international calls.

Upon activation, all plans are set to Auto Renew by default. This means your Plan will automatically renew 24 hours before its expiry and you authorise us to take payment of the charges payable for the renewal of your plan using the payment method details that you provided to us upon registration. You are able to cancel and/or disable Auto Renew by going to your Mighty Mobile account at, select the Billing Details tab and click Remove Schedule.

Promotional Terms

Launch Offer: Offer available from 30 August to 30 September 2023. 50% off is available and applied to the customer’s first three consecutive months of the purchased plan. SIM must be activated within the first three months of being purchased.

Black Friday Join Offer: Offer available from 24th November to 27th November 2023. Offer available on all monthly plans for new customers only. A $1 charge is applied for the first three monthly payments of the purchased plan. The first three monthly payments include the first month purchased under this offer and two consecutive recurring monthly plan renewals.  

The offer is subject to new customers turning on the “Auto-Renew” feature by selecting the toggle in the Mighty Mobile app at least 24 hours before the expiry of the first and second months of their monthly plan, and successfully making payment of the $1 charge 24 hours before the beginning of each month.  

If SIM is not activated within the first three months of being purchased, the $1 a month plan and offer will expire.

April 2024 Offer: Offer available from 18th of March to 30th of April. Offer available for new customers. New plans are set to auto-renew by default. A $20 charge is applied for the first 12 monthly payments of the purchased plan. The first twelve monthly payments include the first month purchased under this offer and eleven consecutive recurring monthly plan renewals. SIM must be activated within 3 months from purchase.

*Maximum data speeds, Fair use and Mobile terms apply. Actual speeds you may experience may vary due to several factors, including your device capabilities, location, network congestion, and network coverage. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further details.


  • This document sets out the terms and conditions that apply to specific Mighty Mobile Services and Plans that are provided to you by One New Zealand Group Ltd or its subsidiaries (One NZ, our, we or us). The terms and conditions that will apply to your Services are:

    i. all the terms and conditions provided to you when you agree to purchase a Service, including all the terms and conditions contained in this document;

    ii. all the terms and conditions contained in the One NZ Privacy Policy, which is available at; and

    iii. all the terms and conditions provided in the Critical Information Summaries (CIS) for each Plan which can be found on our website at (collectively the “Terms”).

You accept the Terms when you purchase a Plan and register a Mighty Mobile account via the website at . By registering for a Mighty Mobile account, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accept the Terms.

Important Things You Need to Know


The Plans and Services are available online via If you’ve registered a credit card to your Mighty Mobile Service account, your Plan will be automatically renewed upon expiry in accordance with the Auto-Renew terms set out below. You will be sent a reminder before the expiry of your current term. If you have disabled the Auto-renew function on your account, you can renew your Plan by going to You can find more information on renewing your Plan at


The Terms contain details regarding mobile phone compatibility, and Network capability and availability. However, notwithstanding anything else in our contract with you, in addition to the networks operated by, for or on behalf of One New Zealand Group Limited, we may provide Plans and Services to you using any Network we consider appropriate and that network will constitute “our Network” or “the Network” for the purpose of the Terms. For more information about “our” Network, see


*Direct internet activity is when you prompt your mobile phone to send or receive data from the internet. For example, when you send an email. Indirect internet activity is when your mobile phone or mobile applications are set up to send or receive data from the internet on your behalf. Examples include (but are not limited to): Email notifications via Gmail, notification of Tweets or Facebook posts which mention you and software or weather updates.




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